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After someone accidentally put a hole in the ceiling while up in the attic removing moth balls left by the raccoon trapper (long story), we thought the repair was something we could easily fix ourselves. Wrong! We have a 100 year-old home and found we were in over our heads to repair wood lath and plaster. After searching on-line for someone who wouldn't just come out and try to put up drywall, I found The Plaster Master, Mike Casas. Anyone who's worked with Bob Villa can't be bad, right?

I sent him an e-mail on a Friday, got a response that evening, and by Sunday, he came out to quote the job. Very nice guy, very knowledgeable, he even told us how we could repair it on our own.  (Yeah, like that was going to happen.)

At first, he advised it would be about 3 weeks before he could come back because he had other jobs lined up, but told us that if he had a few extra hours, he'd give us a call. For us, this was no problem because I knew there was no way we would get the job done any sooner on our own--it took us 5 months paint 3 rooms of our house. To our surprise, he called the following Tuesday, came out on Wednesday and was done with the repair in about 2 hours. This was 2 hours less than his initial estimate, and, because it was an easier job than he thought it would be, he knocked $100 off!

He and his crew were efficient and professional. I would highly recommend him.

K.B. - Pasadena, CA